Why Random Acts Of Kindness Can Lift The Entire World Up

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Some people are starting to think that the world is a negative place to live. That it’s all going downhill, and that we should expect the worst. Some people call them pessimists. Others think that the world is still a magical place, if only you look for it. Some call these people optimists. But isn’t life determined by your perspective anyway? If one person only sees the worst in the world, that’s how it will be for them, and if one person sees the good, that’s how it will be for them. You get more of what you focus on, after all.

This is why random acts of kindness are one incredible way to lift up the entire world. You may only buy a stranger a coffee or smile at someone in the street, but these kind things can easily generate a domino effect that goes on for the whole day and spread far and wide.

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The Paying It Forward Phenomenon
Paying it forward is one random act of kindness that has been proven to spread. For example, at a drive thru, people continued to pay it forward for hours that day after one person decided it was a good thing to do. Simultaneously, all of these people felt good because somebody else had done a good thing, and then felt even better because they were doing a good thing. What happens when everybody feels like this? The mood lifts. Crime rates can even drop! It’s all about the energy of a place. By focusing on your own energy, you can change the world. You may not be able to see how, but you can trust that that’s what you’re doing.

Your Energy And How It Affects The World
Don’t believe in ‘energy’? Groups of people were told to meditate regularly in different areas. In some places, the crime rate went down. In others, the schools reported better behaved students, and better test scores. This just goes to show what intention and energy can do. Being kind really does go further than you think!

Lifting The World Up With Your Own Random Acts Of Kindness
You don’t have to raise millions for charity to help the whole world. You can simply meditate on a certain subject. Meditating, whether for others or for yourself, is a great way of lifting energy. The more you work on improving yourself and strengthening your connection to the world and other people, the better! Smile at strangers, even strike up a conversation. If you feel inclined, help out and volunteer. Look at Cane Bay Partners for inspiration. You could help a town or city that really needs it, whether that’s because of a natural disaster, helping the homeless, or another reason. Hold doors for people, offer to walk a friend’s dog, take someone out for dinner, write cute notes and leave them in places for people to find – have fun with this! Some people even like to hide dollars in the dollar store.

How will you lift up the world today?

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