Who Is Tracy Nicole?

By now you know my name. I guess its about time I tell you about myself. I am your average woman in her mid twenties that’s just trying to make her way through this thing called “adulthood”. I’m a gamer, bookworm, fiancé (for now), friend, and the obvious, I’m a blogger. I’ve been in the blogging world almost four years now. This honestly is my second blog, only a year old. When I started out, I was writing about anything and everything. Eventually I noticed one thing, it all contained some sort of entertainment news. I either wrote about a new movie coming out, or something a celebrity did that hit the news. So I decided Entertainment would be my main niche. [It probably doesn’t help that my full time job is working in a movie theater.]

Soon I will have a post every other Tuesday involving my life and what I’m up to. To start, you’ll be following me on my journey to becoming an Abelseth. I cannot express how excited I am to document and share this journey with you guys. Weddings are what is on my brain at least 70% of the time now. After that pans out, who knows what I’ll be up to.

As always, thank you for supporting my dream💜.