The Hazel Wood || Review

The Hazel Wood || Review

A couple things about this book.

  • It came highly recommended to me from my friend Kaley. She was so excited for me to read it so she could gossip with me about likes and dislikes of the book.
  • I did not realize till close to the end of the book that it’s actually an Alice In Wonderland retelling. The twist an turns do not give you much of a similarity to Alice In Wonderland until you get about ten chapters from the end.
  • I had never heard of this author before.

All of this aside, I still recommend this book. Melissa Albert is definitely up there on my top favorite authors now. I’ve heard news she is suppose to let out two more books that go along with this one. I can’t give away to much without you knowing the big secret of the book itself.

My mother was raised on fairy tales, but I was raised on highways.

In The Hazel Wood, we meet a young girl named Alice (no this did not give me a clue to Alice In Wonderland) who has done nothing but run from place to place, even state to state, with her mom her whole life. Growing up she did not have a father that she ever actually knew. Her mom kept different boyfriends from time to time but none ever stuck. Bad luck seem to always follow Alice and her mom Ella. Until one day her mother gets a letter of her grandmothers passing. Alice’s grandma is actually a fairytale author who’s book is so popular a copy can’t be found anywhere in stores. Alice’s mom has never let her read her grandmothers fairytales either. In fact when she was younger her mother actually caught her reading it and yanked it from her. One thing leads to another an Alice sets off her own way to find out who she truly is.

Rating:: 4/5

The reason for a four, there are some unanswered questions but like most will be answered eventually since news of other books are coming. Definitely pick it up if you’ve been eyeing it. You won’t regret the choice, I promise!

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