Step Up: High Water [REViEW]

Step Up: High Water [REViEW]

Step Up: High Water is a YouTube series based around the Step Up name. Remember the first Step Up movie with Channing Tatum and Jenna Dewan-Tatum? It was phenomenal! I watched that movie as a teen a good thousand times. After that a few more “Step Up” movies debut. Honestly, I haven’t seen any of those. This year Step Up: High Water series debut on YouTube. Today, I just finished up watching all ten episodes. The series starts out focusing on twins who have had to relocate from Ohio to Atlanta because of their mother being arrested for drugs. Living with their Uncle Al, Tal and Jenelle have found themselves in the heart of the ghetto. The type of neighborhood you definitely need to own a gun and don’t stare at your neighbor to long because he’s most likely a huge drug dealer. Luckily Jenelle and Tal aren’t far one the biggest preforming arts schools. The school was founded by none other then the hip hop sensation Sage Odum, who is played by none other then the hip hop star NeYo. Their Uncle enrolled them in the nearest public high school but Jenelle definitely isn’t happy. After asking her brother to cover for her she goes to try out for High Water.

There is no shortage of drama in this series. I’m honestly hoping they continue with it. A little fun fact. The love birds Channing Tatum and Jenna Dewan-Tatum are executive producers of the show. That should tell you the dancing is amazing in every episode. I believe I can safely say I’d recommend this show to anyone.

My Rating 4/5. 

The only reason for my 4 and not a 5 is that it wasn’t on tv instead of YouTube Red. Thats right, if you want to watch you must subscribe to YouTube Red. Its worth it though I promise. Here’s a trailer of Step Up: High Water….

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