Stealing Snow

Stealing Snow

||Book Review||
Stealing Snow. Book Cover

First kisses sometimes wake slumbering princesses, undo spells, and spark happily ever afters. Mine broke Bale.

In the beginning of Stealing Snow, you meet seventeen year old Snow who has been told since a very young age she was crazy. Her mother locked her in a insane asylum, Whitaker. We come in knowing she’s very familiar with the asylum and how things tick. Like any other patient would, she doesn’t think she’s crazy. She resents her mother to an extent because she had Snow locked away. Fast forward a tad and we watch as her beloved Bale is kidnapped by a set of arms coming from a mirror. Snow has been visited in her sleep by a boy prior who invites her to meet him at the tree. She knows that’s where Bale was taken. THIS is where things aren’t clear and start being handed to you without much detail.

We breathe out the lies; we stutter the truth.

There are a couple points are very clear and become drilled in your head. 1 Snow has magic. 2 She is a princess. 3 A King is out to kill her.

Sometimes we have to steal our future.

I give this book a 3.5 out of 5. The story line is typical YA fantasy but the delivery I believe could have been done so much better. Around the last ten chapters, the story actually picks up and gives you an interesting plot twist. Obviously, it was written with an intent of a future book two. There are some indications on Goodreads and Amazon that Danielle Page will be releasing a second book to it in 2019 but that’s as far details as I could find. (So if anyone can find more, or knows more about it feel free to let me know in the comments!)

Side Note from me, Tracy: In all of my book reviews I want to keep it as spoiler free as I possibly can because where’s the fun in reading a book when you already know what’s going to happen? But stay tuned for my next one. 🙂


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