So long Nashville!

After 5 amazing seasons, and one more to air, Nashville is coming to an end. This show has been nothing under amazing. My roots are definitely country, so it was a no brainer that I’d be in love with this show. Even ones who aren’t as big of country fans as myself would like this show. Even though it’s ending doesn’t mean we need to forget it. After season four the shows original home at ABC gave it the ax and fans went nuts. Social media petitions popped up everywhere to have it renewed. A few months after this uproar, CMT picked it up for season 5. Some of the shows dynamic changed but (for me) the story did not fall short. Two regular stars did not make the move. Will Chase, who plays Rayna’s former flame and country music star Luke Wheeler, and Aubrey Peeples, who starred as Layla Grant, both departed the show. Not long after the move front runner Connie Brittons character, Rayna James passes. It was clear the show wasn’t going to be what it was prior but every arc in the show held true to the name.Lessons can be learned from Nashville.

A lesson of true love. That no matter how hard you fight it or ignore it, it was always come to light. You’ll always find your soulmate no matter how bad of a person they are or have been. If you follow the love of Deacon an Rayna throughout the show you’ll see something so amazing. Real true love. Nashville also taught us the meaning behind family. That no matter what situation you’ve grown up in or known family is family. They love you unconditionally no matter what happens. But besides life lessons, we were shown something even more beautiful.

A piece of Nashville history. The tv show shows us a little place that actually does exist in Nashville Tn called the Bluebird Cafe. [The Bluebird Café is a dynamic 90-seat music club in Nashville, Tennessee that opened in 1982. The club is famous for intimate, acoustic music performed by its composers. Some performers are established singer/songwriters, and others perform hit songs written by other artists. The Bluebird receives over 70,000 visitors annually. The restaurant has been featured as a location on ABC’s drama Nashville, and has hosted musicians such as Dierks Bentley, Garth Brooks and Kate Taylor.]-via Wikipedia

I bet you thought I was going to say the Grand Ol Opry. Well don’t worry it was in there. It wouldn’t be anything about Country Music if it wasn’t shown or talked about. Speaking of the music though. Do me a favor and check out the show for the music if nothing else. That one I don’t need to explain. Like I said before if you aren’t a country music fan still give it a shot. I promise it’s worth it.

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  1. I cannot believe that it will end! A shocker in the morning however I have to agree that you could see it coming. I am in love with the show as well. So good to read that someone else is too! 🙂

    1. Thank you for reading.
      Yes, the show was one of my favorites for so long. 😣

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