Sabrina The Teenage Witch Reboot!

Sabrina The Teenage Witch Reboot!

When I was younger and Sabrina The Teenage Witch was on tv, I was most likely watching it. It had my two key interest. Magic and a cat! (If you don’t know about Sabrina’s cat Salem, you really need to watch this series!) I’m pretty sure I’ve seen every episode at least a hundred times. With that being said you can imagin how excited I was to hear about this reboot. Not to mention the fact it was suppose to be a sister show to Riverdale, my current obsession. Originally this reboot was suppose to take place on the CW with Riverdale. Today I ran into an article on it, now it will actuallly be on Netflix. Before I go much further though, you should probably know this isn’t exactly the tv show from 1996. This Sabrina will be related the the graphic novel “The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina”. She is a much darker version of the Melissa Joan Hart iteration. It is actually being compared to such things as Rosemary’s Baby and The Excorsit. I’ll be honest I had no idea that Sabrina Spellman and Archie were from the same comic book. I didn’t even know Sabrina was from a comic at the time I watched it. The latest news is that it is unclear if it will actually exist in the same universe as Riverdale because of the fact they will now be airing on separate platforms. One crazy thing, Netflix has actually ordered two seasons of the show. Caroline Rhea, who played Aunt Hilda, confessed that she’s “annoyed” a new version of Sabrina is coming to TV because she’s worried that the reboot’s dark tone will alter the legacy of Aunt Hilda into a “psycho.”

Since Stranger Things was just announced for a third season, I don’t think we are going wrong with Netflix being Sabrina’s new home.

What do you think? Let me know!

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  1. OMG!! I loved, loved, LOVED SABRINA!!!! I can’t believe she was from a comic book, I had no idea. I def want to check it out. Thanks for sharing this news. <3 Love your blog!!

  2. Fun fact, Sabrina is Archie’s cousin!! But this does sound fun/interesting! I really wanted a Mellissa Joan Hart spin off, Sabrina the Maternal Witch – with twins and a baby, all magic and mayhem

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