Pregnant Kirsten Dunst

I can remember years ago when Bring It On first came out in 2000. This movie was so popular. Opening weekend it brought in $17,362,105. Rotten Tomatos gave it a 63%. If you’ve seen this movie you know who Kirsten Dunst is. Cheer captain and fantastic actress. I, myself, prefer her comedic roles but she was definitely a good Mary Jane Watson in SpiderMan. All stories aside though, I have to show you the cutest pregnant picture of a celebrity if ever seen!

Kirsten was featured Rodarte fashion new portrait series for the fashion house’s fall-winter 2018 line. This is also the first time she’s been photographed with her adorable baby bump. She picked the best time with the best outfit though. I do believe motherhood will suit her very well.

I bet this baby will have some adorable spirit fingers too 🙂

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