Photowall Product Review

Photowall Product Review

Recently I told you all about my wedding journey and how things have changed a bit. Its been a week now since my fiancé and I have been living together. Luckily we’ve gotten along just like we have for the last 7 years. We’ve also figure out out likes are a lot more alike then we ever really knew. For example, pictures hanging on the wall. We’ve figured out we both love woodsy pictures. In fact I ran up on a website that gave me the opportunity to do a review on them. After searching through there canvas photo’s I found one of a bear in the woods on what looks like a foggy morning. I thought it was beautiful. So I definitely ordered it right away.

Just a couple days ago I received it and I must say it is just as beautiful as I thought it was. My fiancé loved it as well. In fact, he wanted me to hang it about his new desk and computer set up. The quality of the canvas is really great as well. super sturdy! I do have to say it gets an A+ from us both.

This doesn’t go without mention how awesome the staff is. In fact they let me have a personal discount code to share with you all! Just go to and enter TracyNicoleCampaign2018 at the checkout.

Take a look at my beautiful canvas below!

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