Nerve||Movie Review

Nerve||Movie Review

Nerve was released in 2016. It’s opening weekend it barely pulled in $9 million. Rotten Tomatoes gave it a 66%. It’s safe to say this wasn’t the “talked about” movie of the weekend. That doesn’t always mean movies are bad though. I ran across it on Amazon Instant Video today and decided to give it a shot. Honestly I wasn’t disappointed.

“Welcome to Nerve, a game like truth or dare, minus the dare. Watchers pay to watch. Players play to win cash and glory. Are you a watcher or a player? ”

IMDB SYNOPSIS: Venus is a hard-working high school senior, focused, with drive and a pending scholarship at CalArts, the esteemed art school in California, that would help her spread her wings and leave Staten Island, her homeplace. Diffident enough and constantly in the shadow of her popular friend Sydney, Venus will be enticed by the notoriously hardcore reality online game “Nerve”, and accept to become, for once in her life, a “player” instead of a mere “watcher”. However, Venus is definitely not an adrenaline junkie, so by leaving her comfort zone, she will be gradually lured into an ongoing wave of incrementally difficult assignments, all contrived by the “watchers'” hungry appetite for thrills and excitement. When Venus accepts to kiss Ian, a random guy who turns out to be another “Nerve” player, the “watchers” will not be able to get enough of the couple, demanding to team up against an all-night, white-knuckle truth or dare adventure all over town. Inevitably, as the game insidiously claims Vee’s personal life and friends, she will have to face one relentless dilemma: how far is she willing to go to win back her life?

This movie exceeded my expectations. For it to come and go through the theater without much word, it sure is good. I also love the representation of how terrible social media an the internet can be. I know I’m saying this to you through the internet but hear me out. This day in time we rely on the internet for a lot. We keep up with family on Facebook. We use it for weather or daily news. There’s always something we use it for. The use of it does affect lives though. Such as what this movie shows. Sometimes it can be good and bad, it’s really up to you.

My rating for the movie Nerve 6/10

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