Movie Review:: So Undercover

Movie Review:: So Undercover

I know you’ve probably seen this picture and you already thinking Yeah, Miley is involved. I’m out! Well hear me out on this one. I, myself, was pretty skeptical on this movie but I still gave it a shot.

So Undercover was released in 2012. Some time before blonde hair, naked wrecking ball swinging Miley that we all witnessed all over the news. Miley herself actually looks really good in this movie, in my opinion. The movie was a straight to DVD release though. Just from watching you can tell the movie isn’t as highly budgeted as Avengers or anything. BUT it also isn’t as bad as Bring It On: Worldwide #Cheersmack. {Yes that is like the 5th Bring it On movie since the first Kirsten Dundst one. Click the title to witness it.}

Plot: Molly Morris is a small town Private Investigator with a alcoholic, gambling addicted father. While on a case her cover is blown by an FBI Agent who wants to recruit Molly to go undercover as a sorority girl in a near-by college. Her mission- to keep an eye on one of her soon to be sorority sisters. The sister’s father is a senator who is about to testify against a criminal who has made threats to his daughter, Alex Patrone. Molly runs into problems of her own while doing her work for the FBI. Does this distract her from the job itself? This movie has romance, comedy, and a tad bit of suspense.

Eloise Mumford and Megan Park in So Undercover.

It also has a few faces you may recognize. Such as Eloise Mumford, also known for playing Kate in Fifty Shades of Grey series. Kelly Osbourne, daughter of Ozzy Osbourne himself. Josh Bowman who played Daniel Grayson in the ABC television series Revenge. Matthew Settle, Rufas Humphrey from Gossip Girl.

My Rating- 5/10

I believe its worth the watch. Especially if you were a Miley fan back before the blondness I mentioned in the beginning of this. Ill leave you guys to trailer to take a look for yourselves.


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