Live Action Pinocchio; IT sequel; Charmed Reboot and more!

Live Action Pinocchio; IT sequel; Charmed Reboot and more!

Live Action Pinocchio

Did anyone hear of this? I hadn’t till just a day ago. With no hard date set for release a live action rendition of the Disney movie Pinocchio is going to be made. So far the only news I have spotted on my wild searches is that Guillermo del Toro will direct it. Del Toro has directed such films as Pacific RimHellboy in ’04, and the newest movie The Shape Of Water. With such big films as these, I think its safe to say our little wooden boy will be brought to life just fine. Before you decided whether or not you’ll be running off to the theater to watch it, you need to know this isn’t the exact Disney version. It is a dark version, more along the lines of The Brothers Grimm tales. I know I’ll watch it for sure! 

IT sequel

Good news, if you didn’t already know and are a fan of the series. The terrifying clown Pennywise isn’t gone from the big screen entirely. A sequel to the newest rendition of Stephen Kings It is in the works. Something that has made a circulation in media recently is that Jessica Chastain will possibly be joining the cast as adult Beverly. The talks are still in the early stages though. If your wondering where you may know Chastain’s name from is possibly a movie that came out not long ago called Zero Dark Thirty. Where she made her appearance to reenact the capture of Osama Bin Laden.

Charmed Reboot-cast

I can remember back in my early teen years, every morning before school my mother and I would watch Saved By The Bell and Charmed on tv just before the bus came down the road. Well at a point last year it was brought to light that a Charmed reboot would be in the works. Several of the old cast including Holly Marie Combs was not pleased after learning details of the reboot.

In this reboot we meet Mel Madison and Macy. (The official summary reads;)This fierce, funny, feminist reboot of the original series centers on three sisters in a college town who discover they are witches. Between vanquishing supernatural demons, tearing down the patriarchy and maintaining familial bonds, a witch’s work is never done. Just recently Melonie Diaz was cast as Mel. Mel will actually be a lesbian sister with a girlfriend that is a detective. Mel’s power is time freezing. I’m super interested now to see who else is cast as Macy and Madison!

Chilling Adventures of Sabrina-cast

Remember my post about the Sabrina The Teenage Witch reboot? Well more new’s on the cast has been announced and its pretty interesting. Miranda Otto, best known as Eowyn from The Lord of the Rings has been cast as Zelda Spellman. So far there isn’t an official release date but if you look on IMDB you’ll find there is a name for the season premiere episode. Chapter One: October Country. Call me crazy but I love when a darker twist is put on television shows.

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