Journey to Becoming an Abelseth.


Every couple has a back story correct? For my fiancé and I, life has never been a basket of roses. We’ve definitely dealt with rough situations growing up. It has made us into the people we are though. I’m going to start this story from the point we first met an take you all the way to the alter with me. Are you ready?

August 2006

My freshman year of high school was an experience I won’t forget. I had my small circle of friends that I hung out with daily. We did the typical hangout in the hall before the first bell, hangout at lunch, an every other school event. Among that circle I had a friend named Samantha. She was dating Brandon (my fiancé). He was a senior. Four years older then myself. Him and I never really spoke much. The main reason being l was shy and he had eyes for someone else. I can tell you though, I had eyes on him. I don’t really remember when but at some point through the year they broke up and I took my chance. Like I said though I was shy, so I got my best friend Morgan to ask him out for me. Brandon turned me down unfortunately. Being a freshmen though I had my whole high school experience ahead of me. I brushed it off an moved on..

Fast forward to 2010

This was taken out first year together. Also our first picture together. ❤️The summer after graduation, around The middle of June, I was talking to a guy who wanted to “date” me again. We had dated right during my last month as a senior for two weeks and he dumped me. But being a girl who falls in love easily I was willing to try again. That exact day I was suppose to hang out with the guy that night. Not that I should have been surprised, but he stood me up. In the mean time, I had found Brandon again on MySpace. Yes, good ol’ MySpace! Immediately we started texting. That weekend I was hanging out with my best friend Morgan from high school. Brandon met up with us and immediately we clicked. It was like two magnets, you could not pull us apart. I will be honest almost 7 an a half years later, I do not remember who said I love you first. But I know we both knew we were meant to be together.

Brandon has been with me now through so much and I him. We’ve suffered family deaths, loss of friends, loss of jobs, and everything else life decides to hand someone with average luck. Finances have never been our thing. We both haven’t been the best with money. Given our engagement, we’re learning now.

Around 3-4 years ago Brandon landed basically a dream job. He’s now met some amazing people who have really helped him grow (along with the events that led him to getting the job). He then started mentioning marriage to me. After all the years we’ve spent together it was a no brainer for me to say yes.

June 28 2017 Brandon proposed. He wasn’t super extravagant with it, because he knew I’m not a fancy type person. One thing he did do that was so sweet was buying the ring he bought me. I’m a huge Batman fanatic, and Harley Quinn obsessed. My ring is Harley’s signature diamonds. He did amazing! Ever since this I have been on cloud nine. Immediately I decided to buckle down to pay off all my debt so we can be out by summer 2018. I’ve procrastinated a bit because like I said a bit ago, money isn’t my thing but I’m learning.. now I have a purpose to!

The feedback on our engagement from friends and family have been nothing but joy and kind words. Every time we see anyone though I get the question “how’s wedding planning going?” Honestly, it’s slow!

Stay tuned for Dec 19th for Chapter 1! I’ll take you into our life a bit more.

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  1. I loved reading this! Sounds like you guys have been through so much but it’s only made you guys stronger x

    LoneTeenTraveller | Travel Fashion Lifestyle

    1. Thank you Meera! We have. I can’t wait to share our wedding journey.

    1. Thank you Lena! I can’t wait to share the rest of our journey! And my wedding plans.

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