Journey to Becoming an Abelseth|| Chapter 1.

You know my name. You know our story. Let me begin our journey for you.

Weddings plans have been slowly, slowly forming. I’m talking turtle speed. Colors are chosen though! That’s pretty exciting. I’ve chosen these colors based off my ring and off my favorite colors.

As for the plans of us both moving out, we haven’t made much progress. On Christmas Eve, my dad actually threw an option out to us. He offered for my fiancé to move in with us in my parents house. Knowing how difficult it can be on two people in their mid twenties to make it, he offered us this to help us save money. Weighing this crazy thought around is exciting and scary.

Brandon and I have talked and talked about all the pros and cons. The pros seem to be out weighing the cons to be truthful. It would save us gas and time of our own. In our current situation, I’m constantly pushing for spare time to see Brandon. If he moves in that’s completely cut out. Another bright side that we are almost 100% positive on, we can be legally married by the end of next year. The following year is when we plan to have the wedding. 2019.

This chapter isn’t as long as I planned. This is how I want my dream wedding though, slowly planned so its just right. I’ll be back in the next couple of weeks with more.

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