Is It Possible To Stop Ticket Hoarders?

Is It Possible To Stop Ticket Hoarders?

Commonly referred to as touts, these are people who buy in-demand tickets and then resell at an extortionate price. Quite simply, everyone knows someone who has had an opportunity taken away thanks to touts. The problem is more and more people are getting stung because it’s common practice. As long as the record labels get their money, right? Sadly, it’s the average fan that draws the short straw and it sucks. But, there may be a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow because certain artists are trying to make them a thing of the past.

This is what is being done to make touts less of an annoyance.

No Resale

Like him or love him, and lots of people in the US can’t stand the guy, Liam Gallagher is back and he’s bringing the noise. But, it isn’t just his album that he’s peddling as his tour, already sold out, is banning ticket resales. That means any purchased through an official vendor will not go back into the system. What makes this an impressive move, apart from the fact it may cost him money, is that it should work. Touts, or hoarders, need to resell their stocks to increase the price and make money, and that shouldn’t be possible with no resale admission.

Resale Sites Only

Reselling tickets is by no means a bad thing, and one look at is proof. The problem is when unofficial and unlicensed “fans” purchase as many rights of entry as possible. That is when the touts earn their corn. Well, the people in charge seem to be listening because now they are directing people to legitimate resale sites. These companies only add a small increase on top for profit and to cover the fees and penalties. As a result, a ticket doesn’t cost ten times more than retail value.

Faces On Passes

Not sure why but the Brits seem to be taking touting very seriously. As well as Gallagher, the Glastonbury music festival has taken a rather innovative step by printing pictures on their tickets. This is how it works. Before the cut off date, all customers have to register to and fill in the details, including a clear photograph. Then, when the tickets go on sale, everyone inputs their number and it links to the registration. Customers can buy as many as eight per person, but every pass needs a figure. Gotta hand it to them!

Resist The Urge

“I have to see this band but the tickets are sold out. I know, I’ll ask a tout at the venue on the night.” Hoarders are the problem yet music lovers and fans exacerbate the situation by purchasing black market passes. Although there are caveats, touts wouldn’t exist if they didn’t make money through their scheme. Seen as they are around at every gig, it’s logical to assume there are buyers. If we, as a community can resist temptation, it may cost us less in the long-term.

The answer is yes, but there is still a long way to go before that point.


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