How Do Celebrities Look How They Do?

How Do Celebrities Look How They Do?

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We’ve all stared at pictures of Christian Bale or Scarlett Johansson and wondered how they do it. I mean, they’re just humans like us, right? So, how is it that they look so utterly amazing all the time? How are they so perfect? It’s just not fair right!

Well, although celebrities often have a little help from their genetics, they are not really so different from us the rest of us – they just have more time, money and access to the right people to ensure that they can always look amazing. If they want to, that is!

Check out some of the things celebs do to look the way they do:

Professional Beauty Teams

Whether it’s their hair, nails or skin that they want to look amazing, celebrities have a professional to take care of it. Sure, there are exceptions, but you probably won’t ever see Beyonce painting her own nails or Olivia Wilde styling her own hair, not before a big event anyway. They pay people to make them look as amazing as they do and it works.

Of course, if you want to look almost as amazing as your favorite celeb, all you need to is learn the tricks of the beauty trade for yourself. Sure, you probably won’t get quite as good results as you would with a team of pros working over you, but you could come pretty close.

Crazy Exercise Regimes

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Like the rest of us, most celebs don’t stay in perfect shape without some effort – lots of it in fact. Take Christian Bale for example – when he was getting ripped for his part in ‘American Psycho’ he exercised like a crazy person. Take a look at to see just how intense his regime was. If we all did this, we’d all look amazing too!

Then, there’s the fact that a lot of celebrities, as Erny from aretheyonsteroids will tell you, that many celebs get a little chemical help in the form of steroids and weight loss drugs. They are by no means all naturally buff!

Great Lighting and Photoshop

Of course, most of us never see celebrities in the flesh, we usually only see them on-screen in print where they benefit from things like really flattering lighting, photoshop and fake tans that give the appearance of more muscle or cleavage, for example, than there actually is.

Tailor-Made Clothing

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Most big celebrities are lucky in that the best designers in the world are falling over themselves to offer them freebies, and they’re willing to tailor their clothing to the exact needs of the celebrity. When your clothes are of such high quality and, they fit you like a glove, it’s hard not to look good!

The good news is, that although you may not be able to afford to dress yourself from head to toe in Alexander McQueen or Elie Saab, you should be able to afford the relatively small cost of having your clothing tailored to fit you better, which will make a huge difference.

So, that’s how celebrities manage to look the way they do when they’re on the clock, at least!

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