How Accurate Are TV Procedural Dramas Really?

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The world of entertainment is a bigger than we think, and there’s a lot of content out there we should fact check. We spend hours sitting in front of a TV or a tablet, and that means we dedicate a good amount of our lives to catching up on all the dramas we invest in. With that in mind, we should know whether or not what they’re spinning out to us is true, shouldn’t we? Here’s some of the facts to know when you’re binging out in front of the latest procedural episode of the week.

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For a Cop Shop Drama

There’s a lot of law myths and common misconceptions out there about what the police can and can’t do because of the misinformation on we see on the TV. You can find a cop show on every other channel at the least, and that means you’ve had at least a couple hours exposure to them in your lifetime!

So, with that in mind, let’s face the facts of the situation. TV detectives in the most popular shows like Law and Order and CSI are the ones who do the analysing around the crime scene, but in reality this is carried out by a completely separate team.

Similarly, forensic scientists don’t carry their own weapons, which carries a huge misconception for how they work. A forensic team is complemented by the police force, and there is usually no danger to their persons when they’re at work. It’s all a lot less glamorous in the real world after all!

For a Medical Show

There’s an awful lot of medical dramas out there, and they all share a similar vein of explanations when it comes to writing out the plot for an episode. However, there’s a lot a TV show can do to increase the drama of an episode by sponging the dangerousness of a situation up to 11.

Medical advice should only really come from the professionals! Use the internet to your advantage to impress your friends. Just looking up some information from sites like will tell you that the safety checks are usually carried out incorrectly, despite a lot of the more simpler procedures being a lot more accurate than is to be expected!

It Can Be Dangerous

It’s important to remember that TV isn’t reality, and whenever something interests you, you should do your own research! There’s a lot you can do with jobs in the real world, and the silver screen should be kept separate from that. A lot of people blur the line between fiction and reality, and that can often turn out dangerous.

Keep an eye on what your kids watch, if you have any, and always fact check when something doesn’t look right! Misinformation can be very easily spread after all.

Enjoy what’s on the TV and then get back to reality when it’s over! There’s no harm there really for any of the viewers involved.

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