Holy Jake Batman!

A rumor recently surfaced that Ben Affleck has mentioned making an exit from wearing the Dark Knight suit. With the recent release of Justice League, that didn’t last very long. Batman vs. Superman ratings gotcha down Ben? From what I can tell Justice League isn’t meeting what was predicted either. Director Matt Reeves has said he had his eye on who would replace Affleck if the situation ever arose. Only recently has he stated Jake Gyllenhaul is who he actually had his eye on. Personally, I like the idea way better then Affleck. No one can beat Christian Bale though! Funny enough, Gyllenhauls sister played a role in Christopher Nolan’s Dark Knight series as Rachel Dawes. This seems to be all the information on this possible switch, for now. By the end of 2017 we may know if the upcoming solo movie Affleck is tied to will get a major shake up or not.

[SIDE NOTE:: The Batman, upcoming solo movie, will not be another reboot. From an unknown source, we have learned this movie will take place after The Justice League. The DCEU is in flux. Aquaman has wrapped. It will be the next DC movie to hit theaters, but doesn’t arrive until next December, giving fans a pretty big gap between movies. In an interesting turn of events, Shazam will be the movie that follows Aquaman. It was supposed to be The Flash movie which has evolved into Flashpoint. But while that movie is in pre-production, Warner Bros. is waiting to see how Justice League does, and they could still get pulled. Suicide Squad 2 seems like a sure thing, but even that movie is standing on thin ice.]

Now let’s replace Jared Leto as Joker!!…… sadly I’m not kidding about that!

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  1. Ok so I’m totally coming to you with all my movie needs! This was so fun to read and thorough. I’m a big movie fanatic and I love the comic universe movie crossovers…I actually want to go watch JL this weekend. And you’re right no one can replace Bale or Heath for me ❤️

    1. Thank you so much! This has to be the best comment I’ve received. I havent gotten a chance to see the JL myself yet. Thanksgiving keeps my work busy with schools out and what not. You will have to let me know your thoughts on it!

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