Gym Tan Laundry? GTL!

Jersey Shore? Did you think it was over?

Pauly DRemember your favorite wild group from Jersey who gave us a wild ride a few years back? Well don’t fret! Snooki, JWoww, Pauly D, The Situation and Ronnie will be back in your living rooms soon. On the premiere of Floribama Shore, a teaser of “Jersey Shore: Family Vacation” popped up. Not a lot of information is out on this yet except for the fact Sammi Sweetheart will not be returning. Can you blame her though? Season 2 was practically the Sammi and Ron Shore. For one whole season you see the main drama of Ron cheating on Sammi and how Jenni and Snooki want to set things right. So Jenni writes a anonymous note to Sammi which backfired in her face. Sammi then was furious with Jenni into the next season. During their feud, her an Ron were magically fine.

I personally cannot wait for this. I know a lot of people thought Jersey Shore was stupid and over rated. I admit they made very poor decisions. But! Everyone’s culture is different. Some don’t like to tan in a indoor tanning bed. Some people don’t go to gyms. Last but not least, some people don’t do their laundry…. okay I was trying to make a point and pun by that. You should get my point. Everyone doesn’t have to like everyone.

So far no official date but you best believe I will keep you guys updated! Until then keep your GTL going strong and your fist pumps high!

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