Gamer Girl: You Need a Media Room in Your Life!

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As a keen gamer, chances are you will want a space in your home where you can really indulge in your hobby with no distractions. And whether you game alone or host regular gaming nights for friends, having a media room is always going to be well used. Here are some of the ways you can put it together and use a spare room to it’s best potential.

The Decor
Most of us tend to set up things like gaming or media rooms in the spare bedroom of our homes- which are often on the smaller side. To get around this, paint in a light color which will maximize the space and make it look light and bright. White, cream or very light gray are all good choices here. Add some cool features that show your personality- a neon tube art piece on the wall, an unusual plant, a fish tank or something else entirely..

The Desk and Chair
Opt for the largest desk that will work in the space, this will allow you to be far more comfortable rather than cramped. Another option is you could run a length of kitchen worktop along one side of the room, and attach desk legs to create a large custom desk on a budget. You could have multiple screens and there would be room for friends when they come and join you too. A good desk chair too is vital. Go to a store and physically sit in some different models so you can feel what will work best for you and your frame, size and taste.

The Electronics
The entertainment system is at the heart of your media room. It includes a large, high-quality tv screen for movie nights and playing consoles. You will need console systems of your choice as well as the extras such as control pads and games. Don’t forget surround sound speakers which will make any gaming or movie watching experience the best it can be. If you’re a PC gamer, a fast PC is your best bet. All of these things can be very expensive so you might need to spend some time-saving. Look into things like debt consolidation loans with bad credit if you have adverse history, download budgeting apps or tools to help you plan better and look to make cutbacks elsewhere for a while to free up extra cash. These might be luxurious items, but if gaming and media is a hobby of yours, then they’re well worth buying. Everyone needs activities they enjoy!

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Smart Home Automation
According to experts, in a couple of years, time smart home will be so integral to our homes that we will wonder how we ever survived without it- much like the internet today. However right now it’s still new and novel, and in quite a techy room it’s something that will really give it the edge. Amazon Echo and Google Home are just two examples that are currently on the market.

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