For those scared of marriage..

Ever had those butterflies when your boyfriend proposes and you become each other’s fiancé? Their wonderful right?! You get excited to start planning a wedding you’ve always dreamed of. Nowadays, that’s really hard to do if your just starting out. Unless you are a doctor or lawyer. Then go you! For the rest of us, you have an enormous amount of stress piled on you. Trust me, I’ve been engaged almost 5 months now. Every scenario for getting married and moving out the easiest an cheapest way has ran through my head. To be honest I’m terrified of the big step. I’ve spoke to a few of my friends an co-workers about this and they all agree it’s perfectly normal. So I wanted to share my feelings with my readers in hopes you know it’s okay to be scared. Marriage is a huge step, and a very special thing. Taking someone’s last name is a big step! You become a unit instead of two people dating. You are about to share every waking moment with the person God gave you. It’s okay to be scared. In my head I see it this way a bit. When a child is use to being an only child doing an getting whatever they want then mommy decides another kid will be sharing life with them, the first child is bound to be a bit offset by it. Sharing everything they were use to having all to themselves. Okay, maybe that wasn’t the best comparison. You get my point though. Change is hard. This type of scared can be exciting though when you look at the better points. Your about to sign a contract saying your best friend is stuck with you “till death do you part.” And where I’m from, your first marriage is your only. If anything else happens your looked down upon. In this case for me, I want everything in the right timing. Luckily I have a fiancé who’s gracious enough to stick by me no matter what.

If your reading this and your engaged or married, please share your feelings of when you got married or feelings you have now about saying I do. If your scared like me, know you aren’t alone.

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  1. Nathan and I eloped in Las Vegas, as it was just cheaper for us at the time. (We live streamed it for everyone who couldn’t be there.) The first day we got there, I was nervous, of course. But, the second day we were there – the day we got married – was a different story. I remember the day so clearly. I don’t think I’ve ever been that nervous (besides for child birth) in my life. I didn’t eat much because I was so nervous. And then we got married (the ceremony was maybe five minutes!) and when it was over, I just couldn’t believe I was married. It was such a weird but really cool feeling! Marriage is a huge step and it is natural to be nervous. ♥️

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