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Everyone uses the dawn of a new year to make a list of new things they want to achieve in the coming twelve months. They might yearn to save enough money for a deposit on a house, be eager to attend art classes or be keen to get a pet. These are admirable quests to embark upon during 2018. However, what about learning new skills – the sort of skills that could help break down communication barriers, help people come together with a common goal and even save a life. Take a look at these new skills that you might want to learn this year.


If the last first aid course you went on was before you became a teenager, the chances are that you need to brush up on your skills. Many people believe that learning first aid and being able to deal with emergency medical situations shouldn’t simply be left to medical professionals but that it should be something that everyone has a collective responsibility for. You could enrol in a short course and learn how to treat a burn, use an AED defibrillator, bandage an arm and give CPR. Arming yourself with the skills needed to save a life means you are doing something for the benefit of others and could see you being the individual to step up one day should you witness someone suffer and injury or a cardiac arrest.

Learn A Language

If you’re planning to travel anytime soon or if you have an affinity with a particular country, why not learn the language. When you venture overseas to China, Japan, South America or India, you don’t want to be one of those foreigners that simply speaks louder in their native language in the ridiculous hope that people may understand you. Make an effort and learn the language. While you may not be fluent, the people of the country you are visiting will appreciate your effort. You’ll be able to converse on a deeper level, understand things from a new perspective and make meaningful friendships while traveling.

Anger Management

If you are an individual who struggles to control their emotions, it can be tough when situations wholly out of your control can cause you to feel down, depressed or upset. These negative emotions can lead to resentment and anger, and the strength of these feelings can be difficult to manage safely. If you feel stressed or angry, it’s important to talk through your feelings. By taking part in an anger management course, you’ll be able to arm yourself with the tools needed to manage your emotions more effectively, leading to a better mindset for you and a more pleasant environment for those around you.

Learning skills to enhance your life means looking within and trying to develop new attributes to help yourself and those around you. While saving money, making money and spending your time on faddy endeavors can be fulfilling for a while, learning life-enhancing skills will bring you the most satisfaction.

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