Crisis on Earth X {tv show review}

Just wow…..

As I’m writing this it’s 4am my time. I just finished up the Arrowverse crossover, Crisis on Earth X. I am honestly amazed to the point I couldn’t fall asleep straight after this. I have to tell you guys about it. Let me go through this show by show first.

Starting with Arrow.

If you’ve kept up with the tv show Arrow at all you’ll know after the first few seasons the show got a little bland. Personally I miss the crew of Green Arrow, Speedy, Overwatch, Diggle (cannot remember his hero name), and Black Canary. This newer crew is okay but I just feel that their to young. I’ve only kept up with this because I love Stephen Amell and the character Felicity Smoak.

As far as SuperGirl and The Flash go..

I absolutely love these shows. SuperGirl has always kept my interest because out of all these DC shows, SuperGirl is definitely more light hearted. It’s perfect for women to get into. The Flash, is just all around awesome. You have your comedic bits, your romance, and your kick ass action arcs.

We will just skip Legends of Tomorrow because it isn’t nothing compared to these first three.

A few season back they did a crossover with these shows that was fun. This one though is by far their best work yet. It show cased each characters tie-in with each storyline so well! Your starting with everyone going to Central City to witness Barry Allen and Iris West getting hitched. When everyone’s in the church is where the real fun begins. “Nazis” from Earth X also known as Earth 53 make a grand entrance. You can say they weren’t on the invite list. Push comes to shove, this is me trying to be punny. Before you know it, Oliver Kara and Barry are facing their worst nightmares.

If you watch these shows you must Hulu this crossover! If your not caught up, please do. At least with Flash and Arrow. I can tell you the DC Legends of Tomorrow and SuperGirl arcs don’t completely tie in. It’s a whole new story for those guys. Also, have tissues handy.

COMING SOON! My Journey to becoming an Abelseth. Stay tuned!

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