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The world of celebrity is a fickle one, yet one that everyday folk are absolutely obsessed with. We’re all into this at some level or another, whether it is blogging to get your voice heard, vlogging your way to movie premieres, buying magazines that have “beautiful people” on the front or filling your Instagram with people that have hugely recognisable faces. But the world of celebrity is changing and more and more people that sit on these pedestals are using their influence for the good of the world, choosing to be advocates for a more responsible way of life so that the environment thrives instead of failing to survive. It’s badass. For some, It’s even more badass than the films they’re in (no names mentioned).

Jane Fonda, Leo DiCaprio, Emma Watson – people of all generations are taking it on themselves to use Hollywood as a means of protecting the earth, inspiring their millions of fans and followers in the process. It’s quite amazing.

So, to give credence where it’s due and celebrate those that have gone above and beyond in the pursuit of awesomeness, we have pulled together a list of A-listers that you need to doff your cap to the next time you scroll past them on your smartphone.

1. Lovely Job, Leo

He gets all this stick for flying around the world in a private jet while advocating the need to save the world, but that is just sad journalists struggling to come up with anything better that day. This is a guy that used his (well-overdue) Oscars acceptance speech to talk about global pollution. He talked about the severity of climate change and the urgency to act, about the threat facing so many endangered species and the need to come together in order to make a lasting impact. He said all that when collecting his Best Actor Award, which makes him a true environmentalist (no matter what negative spin Fox News and The Daily mail try and put on it). Oh, and if that wasn’t enough, Leo has also produced two documentary films about global warming: The 11th Hour and Before The Flood, both of which you can watch for free.

2. Nothing Fishy About Helena

That’s right, we’re talking about the absolutely, wonderfully bonkers Helena Bonham-Carter, who goes above and beyond to protect ocean conversation in any way she possibly can. Most recently, she has signed a statement declaring the creation of reserves would make a globally significant contribution to ocean conservation that would leave a lasting legacy for both people and wildlife and for a very minute cost, which you can visit Global Salmon initiative for more information on, especially which countries and companies have signed up. Of course, her signature is not all she has put her weight into. She also gives her face to huge campaigns, such as FishLove, where she poses naked with different marine animals in order to highlight the importance of the crisis. Helena is all about protecting our seas and oceans, and it is commendable.

3. We’re Really Fonda Her

Since the moment she got her voice and carved out a platform to talk from, Jane Fonda has always been outspoken about saving the environment. And she has been outspoken right the way across the board. She has condemned Arctic drilling, she has stood on the oil sands of Canada in protest, and she has rallied hundreds of thousands of people to do the same. She sees things very simply: the climate change issue is the biggest issue of our lives, the one thing that will affect everything unless we do something about it. And she’s right. Of course, she is.

4. From A Young Age, Nat

No one has been an advocate of environmentalism for a bigger portion of their lives than Natalie Portman. Most celebrities wait until they have found fame and fortune before casting their agenda on the world, but not Natalie. She took it upon herself to make a difference in her childhood, belting out an eco-friendly song as part of the super-green pop group World Patrol Kids. Don’t believe us, just watch the video on the Late, Late Show. Anyway, this passion of hers has continued on and she is now a huge supporter of Global Green USA (alongside Leo DiCaprio), which is an organisation that fights climate change with affordable green-housing initiatives across America and beyond. You go, girl.

5. No One Is Greener

If you want a symbol for the power of green, then you want the Hulk to be on your side, and that is exactly the case thanks to Mark Ruffalo’s involvement in this side of things. He’s like twenty times more awesome than Batman. He is an Avenger for goodness sake, and the strongest Avenger too, which is probably why he isn’t afraid to ruffle a whole bunch of feathers at every opportunity. He wants things to change and he knows how to do it; by protesting in the streets of New York, whether it be against hydraulic fracking upstate or going greener in the way we live. He is a huge advocate, as you will find by watching In This Climate, a documentary that is well worth your time.

6. What’s Up With Watson

Emma Watson is arguably the most passionate millennial in the world of climate change, as her role – and speeches – as U.N. Women Goodwill Ambassador proves. While most female celebrities her age have a passion for fashion, Emma has a passion for the environment and it totally rocks. From endorsing sustainable clothing options to collaborating with the amazing fair-trade label People Tree, and even wearing sustainable items throughout her press tours of the world, Emma has given her mighty voice to the cause, leaving no attendance alone in her bid to leave the world in a better state than we inherited it.

So, next time you read some sort of slandering comments in the media or on Twitter and buy into without any other thought, just remember how much these people are doing behind the scenes so that our kids and grandkids can live in a world as lush and green as a Disney Pixar movie.

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