As I scroll through Twitter at 3:30am (because yes I’m a night owl) I notice #CatFish is trending. Have you seen this show? Let me give you an idea of what it is. The shows hosted by Nev Schulman and Max Joseph. This tv show is based off the film documentary starring Nev. He was originally catfished back before 2010. By catfish, it’s dating someone online who isn’t actually who they say they are. So on the television show Nev and his buddy Max help others out to see if who they are talking to or dating online are real people. How weird is that?! I know when I was a teenager MySpace was popular, yes another form of social media. It was normal for my friends to be “talking” to a guy on there for long periods of time and not actually meet them. Our world is filled with so much technology it’s scary. I know I’m like the pot calling the kettle black, so to speak. But it has honestly made the world feel so much more dangerous. It’s nothing for a young woman to potentially date someone online. Then when they meet in person it be someone completely different. Hiding behind a fake name and picture online is so easy! I could see the appealing side for some though. You may have self esteem issues and your just tired of being who you are. So the idea of going online under a name an picture of what you’d like to be is something that sounds amazing. What you wouldn’t be able to see is what it does to the person on the receiving end of your sweet messages and conversations. Doing this can lead into toying with someone’s feelings. Which is never fun. Unless your truly genuine, it’s never fun to mess with someone in that way. I can’t see how it seems okay for someone to do it and laugh it off. After binging a few seasons of Catfish, I’ve seen Nev an Max run across some very weird people. This season in particular they helped a woman who was catfished along with an athlete by a lady in Canada. Their messages, that they thought were going to each other when to a woman in Canada who would reciprocate back to the other. After quite some time, the lady in Canada ended up in jail. Rightfully so. This went on for so long. Now the athletes being pinned as a pedophile when he had no idea the girl was 17. So this lady messed up to random peoples lives for her own entertainment. It’s crazy.

Moral of my post: Be yourself. If someone doesn’t like you for who you are, it’s just means you haven’t met the right person for you yet.

[links to the particular story I’m referring to for anyone’s curiosity. Chris Anderson CatFished!Recap of Chris Anderson catfish story, with Nev and Max themselves.]

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