Blogger Lesson

Blogger Lesson

*This post is out of the normal schedule I have for myself. I do think some blogger friends I have can relate to it though.*

Since I have been blogging around four years, I wanted to share with you guys some things I have learned in my process of working on my dream. Making a name for yourself by blogging isn’t easy. I’m still working, and learning how to do this.
The first thing I’ve learned since I began blogging is patience.
It is the key factor to have as a person if you want to start blogging, and it doesn’t come easy at all. Blogging takes lots of patience because, if I’m honest, success from it does not happen over night. For myself its taken a lot of social media networking to even push my blog out as far as its gone. [Currently I’m at 71 WordPress followers. 494 Twitter followers. 36 Facebook followers. 116 Instagram followers.] I have hit rough spots with my blog thinking yeah I’m never going to make it far, this is just a hobby.
That leads me to my next lesson. If your dream is to write for your own blog and get paid for it. You need to work as hard at it as you would a regular job. Money does not come easy, for most of us at least. As a warning to you, blogging is a 24/7 job. (If you have a smart phone.) As promotion you may be constantly posting on social media as promotion. When you receive followers, you are constantly communicating with readers. This is not a bad thing. Building a relationship with your audience is key.
This may be just me but I am constantly changing the looks of something on my blog. I think the old saying goes something like “a woman is always changing her mind”. Well, I do not disagree with that! In the last two months I have done a complete remodel of my whole blog including content. I honestly got this inspiration from a blogger I follow. [, take a look at her blog. She’s an amazing writer.] Something I have picked up on from other fellow bloggers is how nice a logo looks with your blog. I luckily have ran up on a awesome website I want to share with you guys called LogoJoy. Setting up my logo with them was super simple. In case your looking to get a new logo or your about to start your own blog check them out.
Speaking of other bloggers, the blogging community itself is amazing. I’ve met some pretty awesome people networking with my blog. Every single one has been really helpful in their own way. We are all really a big team in a way. If you need help, there’s always another blogger to point you in the right direction. Succeeding is also inspiration. Watching another blogger succeed with their writing is like a dose of encouragement.
One last thing that I didn’t want to listen to, and now I do. A niche is a must. I went into this thinking I can write about whatever is on my mind and people will still enjoy it. I was only maybe 30% right. Yes, I did gain readers but I didn’t realize how confusing my website looked. Needless to say after a while I did notice a trend in my writings. I am a big entertainment buff! When revamping my blog I knew what direction I needed to go in. Entertainment blogging, with a side of lifestyle but entertainment is my focus! So pick something you love. Something you know you will always have an opinion on. You will be set once this falls into place!

I hope you enjoyed my personal lessons and maybe you can relate, or add to them!
Take care and happy Tuesday!

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