Batman Nightwalker

Batman Nightwalker

•Book Review•

Author: Marie Lu

Buying this book was a no brainer for me. I’ve been a Batman fan for years now so when I spotted it in my local book store I bought it with no hesitation. A couple months back I had heard of a few authors taken on some DC characters stories. My favorite author Sarah Maas is coming out with Catwoman Soulstealer. So I’ll definitely have a review once reading it. But back to Batman Nightwalker!

“The world will always have liars and traitors and thieves, but there were still those who are good at heart.”

In the beginning we meet a young woman. She’s in a mansion in the middle of the night. There are lights of police cars pulling in and she bolts. A name is not given right away. Chapter one cuts scene to young Bruce Wayne on his birthday. His eighteenth birthday to be exact. He’s driving to his birthday knowing he’s about to have his trust fund from his parents who were shot years before. Once he arrives a old friend ruffles Bruce’s feathers, so to speak. To calm himself down Bruce leaves the party for some fresh air. He takes a drive away from the party to clear his head. Shortly after leaving he drives upon a police barricade. Gotham City has been under the attack of Nightwalkers. A group that is targeting billionaires. Well, one thing leads to another and Bruce meets the mysterious girl you read about in the very beginning of the book. I won’t tell you how he meets her because I want to keep this review as spoiler free as possible. This girl is a very skilled manipulative person. The story leads into something a bit different then any other Batman story.

I would have to give this a 3.5/5. This being that I am a Batman fan and retellings can make Bruce Wayne a bit boring. Also I feel like more could have been added to make this story better. Everything was very simple and to the point.

If your thinking about trying it, do! It’s definitely worth the read! For me I’ll be moving to my next book. I don’t want to say what because I can’t decide myself. One goal I have set for myself in 2018 is to read the books on my shelf that have stared at me, unread, for way to long now. Stay tuned!

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