A Girl Trying To Achieve A Dream

I was working with a series of post about my wedding journey. Don’t worry I’m still getting married, but the rest of my life’s changing in a different way then I had planned. So I have decided to just do an update every so often with you all about me and what’s going on with me. No special names, no cliche series, just my thoughts and where I am in life. Let me start by telling you. Yes, you the reader how much it does mean that your reading this. You may think I’m just saying that, but honestly the fact you’ve clicked and stayed on this post for this amount of time helps achieve my dream. Which is to become a writer full time. Currently I’ve landed a part time job with a website that completely separate front this one. It’s not a lot but it’s entertainment based writing an I get paid.

I’m going to rewind back to Christmas Eve to tell you how my life’s going. My father offered for my fiancé and I to move into my current house with my parents until we can bank up some money for our own place. Which was an amazing gesture that we are taking him up on. The better part of the deal is my parents own land that they are going to allow us to put a trailer on of our own. We just have to pay for water lines and a sewer system to be put in. I’m actually really excited about this. I did want be out on my own away from her but you can’t turn down free land. My fiancé moves on Tuesday of this upcoming week an I’m excited and nervous. All the “what if’s” have ran through my mind a billion times. To be honest, he’s my best friend and has been for about 7 and a half years now. I don’t think we’re going to go wrong.

Since this has been put in place though, I’ve been hard at work with free lancing and my movie theater job saving as much as I can for our new home. The best part of my life right now, my freelancing has taken off pretty decently. Here’s to writing my heart away and living a happy life!!!

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