7 Different Ways To Shake Up Your Down Time

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Whether it’s something that you’re good at or not, you know that you need to switch off and relax. Because of the way our busy lifestyles are, we always hear a lot about achieving the perfect work-life balance. But when you love your job, or it’s what you’re most passionate about, you can find it really hard to switch off. This can often mean that you don’t really allocate as much downtime for yourself as you should. Or, as a step on from that, you can get bored when you’re not working! And when that’s the case, you really do have a problem.

Rest is important to help you to feel good. And we’re not just talking about sleep, but actually relaxing and taking some time out away from the busyness and stress of everyday life. When you do, you’ll always feel much more refreshed when you go back into work mode again. And this should be incentive enough to make you do it. However, when you’re easily bored, or you just don’t enjoy your relaxation time as it is at the moment, you’re going to want to change that. And if you’re great at being productive and efficient with your work, you can definitely make this happen when it comes to your downtime. Because sometimes, you just need to shake it up.

1. Do Something Away From The WiFi

It’s highly likely that you spend a lot of your time connected to your phone or tablet. It’s something that we all tend to do. However, it’s never really going to mean that you make the most of your downtime. Because, you’re not really having any? So, to kick things off, you’re going to want to do something away from the wifi. Head out with your friends or family and focus on them, rather than your devices.

2. Get Out Into Nature

From here, the next idea for you could be to get out into nature. A huge part of our everyday lives is based indoors, or at in very urban areas when we’re not inside. So to get a change of scenery, and change the pace, you could consider getting out into nature. There are lots of things you could do here if you need some inspiration, and the fresh air should do you good.


3. Start A New Book

Are you a reader? Or do you ever read? If not, you may find that starting a new book could be exactly what you need to switch off and relax? Whether it’s something that can influence your personal development, or a novel that captivates you, you need something that you can really get into so that you looking forwards to reading in your free time.

4. Try Out Some New Entertainment

Maybe you’re more of a movie person? Or any other kind of entertainment like that? Then why not try something new? Whether it’s a different genre of film, an exciting new-to-you style of TV like anime, or even heading to the theater. Making a conscious effort to do something different will broaden your horizons, as well as provide entertainment.

5. Cook
For more of a quiet night in kind of scenario, you could try cooking up an incredible meal for your friends and family, or even host a dinner party. If you never really make much time for cooking, maybe now is the time to start? Cooking is a slow and indulgent process and can be very enjoyable if you give it time. And the best part is the gorgeous meals you get to enjoy at the end of it.


6. Go On Vacation

From here, there’s always the option to go on vacation. But instead of being switched on for work and documenting your experience on social media, why not think about heading to a remote location so that you’re forced to switch off and just be in the moment? When you head to a remote resort, not only will you have an incredible experience, but you will just be able to enjoy your time there too, rather than having your mind elsewhere.

7. Start A New Hobby

Finally, you could also consider taking up a new hobby. Whether it’s something sporty or creative, or even something really unique, if you’re able to find a passion for something new, you will then be able to fill your downtime with something that you enjoy doing. And you’re likely to make some great friends doing it too.

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