Oh your offended?!

As I sit down tonight to skim through the news as I always do, I can’t help but wonder what happened to the world to make everyone so easily offended anymore. At least a third of the news anymore is about someone taking offense to something. Just to show what I mean, in case some of you don’t recognize these situations in the news like I do, I’ve summed up a couple of “offensive” news articles.

  • Earlier today I was watching Daily Pop news on E!. They were discussing the latest Dove commercial and how Dove had to write a statement about their intentions of the commercial. If you watch it, a girl is changing shirts and at first it is a white Caucasian woman. Once she pulls her shift over her head it is a Asian lady. (I believe, I’m not completely positive here.) The shirt she is wearing is a slight bit darker matching her skin tone. She goes to remove her shirt. Underneath a African American woman is revealed. Again, with a darker shirt. In my eyes, this commercial is just showing their product is for every one no matter the race. Someone else along the way has exclaimed that it represents a black person being cleansed into a white person. I honestly believe they put way to much thought into this to come up with that idea.
  • At Hobby Lobby someone has taken offense to the raw faux cotton stalks being sold in the store. This lady took to Facebook and Twitter stating how it wasn’t decor because it represented slaves. Many people, even African American women, commented stating they did not take offense to it listing various reasons such as-“As a black woman, I am not offended. There is beauty from ashes. I will not allow (raw) cotton or statues for that matter, have any type of effect, especially a negative one, on my life. If you give it that kind of power then you are part of the problem,” [Link to News Article]

Why does everything have to represent race? We all live equally. Can we not just get along? I agree people who are against people of color should be disciplined. It isn’t fair. Also it’s 2017, we’ve came a long way from the slavery years. I have absolutely no problem with African Americans, Mexicans, Indians, Puerto Rican’s. We’re all the same.

To end this on a short note, wake up and get a life people. Your causing a war when there are more important things at hand, like our president! (The last part is sarcastic. Every one has to throw a Donald Trump joke somewhere in their work.)

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