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Polygamy__ (from Late Greek πολυγαμία, polygamía, “state of marriage to many spouses”)is the practice of marrying multiple spouses. When a man is married to more than one wife at a time, sociologists call this polygyny. When a woman is married to more than one husband at a time, it is called polyandry. If a marriage includes multiple husbands and wives, it can be called a group of men.

Ever since I first seen a episode of Sister Wives, I’ve been somewhat obsessed with Polygamy and learning how it works out for some people. [Let me state, I do not by any means intend or want this lifestyle for myself. I also do not judge or criticize anyone who does or would.] The fact of knowing there’s some men out there who have more then one wife just blows my mind. I do live in a very conservative area where Polygamy isn’t seen nor heard of except for tv shows such as Sister Wives or Escaping Polygamy. Never heard of these shows? Well, let me just tell you they have two completely different atmospheres when it comes to polygamy. Before I jump to that, I want to share with you some research I’ve done over the course of a few months (or really since I first seen Sister Wives) pertaining to this lifestyle.

What religions practice polygamy?

“Plural marriage was permitted by the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints between 1852 and 1890. Joseph Smith, founder of the LDS Church, is believed to have married 28 wives, while Brigham Young, the church’s second president, married 51 women and fathered 56 children. Today, the LDS Church strictly prohibits polygamy, says Elder Robert J. Dudfield, Associate Area Director in the Pacific Area Public Affairs Office of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. “It was a part of the teachings of the Church from the early 1840s until the early 1890s but has not been practised for over 125 years,” he says in a statement to SBS. “From a Mormon perspective the subject of polygamy is not a subject that is generally discussed because it has been not practised for well over a century.”

[[Source Site]]

Does that church ring a bell? You may have heard news segments on the FLDS. The LDS Church is different from the (FLDS) Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. I found a website to help break it down a little for you.

“Contrary to reports on cable news channels like Fox News, the FLDS is indeed a breakaway branch of the mainstream Mormon Church.  I would imagine the Church tries its hardest to make sure they tell everyone they’re not affiliated with the FLDS and technically speaking they do not control the FLDS.  However, with that being said, it has to be noted where the ideas of the FLDS originated.” [[Source Link]]

That’s a lot to comprehend huh? Let’s just say the FLDS is basically a cult. Their prophet, Warren Jeffs, is currently serving 20+ years in prison for child endangerment and selling minors into pre-arranged marriages. But for some reason these people believe he is their phone line to God and getting into heaven. Even with Jeff’s crazy decisions having 80 Wives. To show an insight on Jeffs and his take on polygamy, click here for a video of a lady who escaped.

I do believe there are families out there who practice polygamy in a safer way. Just like the Browns for example. If you have ever seen Sister Wives you’ll know who I’m talking about. Kody Brown and his four wives make polygamy seem natural. I’m not saying it isn’t, I’m saying they make it look as common as monogamy. He has children by each wife but he lets them chose who they marry. He doesn’t commit incest either like Warren Jeffs or the Kingston clan. He loves each of his wives dearly and his children. This is what intrigues me though. What makes these mean want more then one wife? Also what makes each of these women be ok with their husband marrying multiple women?

It is all based around religion. Which is something else I’ve always been obsessed with learning about. I love to see the differences in each religion as far as how they worship/practice to the things they do and do not believe in. I never have gone to college, but if there was a degree in this I would be all about learning it!

Drop me something you know of that may be weird, strange, or just interesting to you about any religion. I’d love to learn more!

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