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I want to start this by telling you guys how much I absolutely adore DC Comics. If you ask anyone who knows me personally, I am obsessed with Harley Quinn. Who is she you ask? Well, if you know who Batman is, you’ll know him number one nemesis is The Joker. Yeah, Harley is his girlfriend. The-Joker-and-Harley-QuinnShe met Joker in Arkham Asylum where she was his psychologist, Harleen Quinzel. Instead of helping Joker, she fell in love with him and his twisted ways. One thing led to another and she took on the persona of Harley Quinn. As Amanda Waller said “They became the king and queen of Gotham City. And God help the_joker_and_harley_quinn_by_hodges_art-d4n5982anyone who disrespected the queen..” Their whole relationship is abusive. (That is not why I love her.) She would do anything for the Joker. Harley is sometimes seen as crazier then Joker. Harley’s love for him is so deep that she would take any form of pain for him. That, is why I love her. She is dedicated and driven. When she loves, she loves hard. No matter what that love puts her through.

But anyway! I was just flipping through USA Today. I do this from time to time to see the latest news. Since I do love movies I always check out that section as well. What do I find this time? Oh just an article talking about a Joker/Harley movie is in the works!  **Insert Nerd Girl Screech Here** The movie will be depicting the full love story between these two psychopaths. Only downfall I’m seeing is that Jared Leto is still playing the Joker as he did in Suicide Squad. I’m sorry for those who did enjoy Leto’s Joker, I did not. I do not feel he stuck true to the character. Margot Robbie will be playing Harley. She wasn’t the best in Suicide Squad but I don’t think she was the worst either. I’m very excited with this news those! Here’s to hoping it doesn’t bomb like Batman v. Superman did.

Fingers Crossed!!





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