We’re Twins!

Have you ever wondered (for those who don't have a twin) what you would do if you found someone in the world who looks and sounds exactly like you? Would you be scared and run? Would you try to get to know each other? Obviously that would mean your related in the real world, but the book worm in me cant help but put it into a scenerio such as this.

While sitting down at your favorite restaurant, you pick up your menu scanning for something to order. The waitress comes by, and as you look at at her, someone sitting directly across the restaurant catches your eye. "Ma'am?…" The waitress taps your shoulder. Shaking the image, you give her your order. As the waitress walks off you go back to staring. The person sitting in the booth looks exactly like you to the point its as if your looking in a mirror. As you roll around the decision as to if you should go over and talk to them, you over hear the person giving their order as well. Their voice is identical to yours. By this point you cannot help but to speak to them. Walking over to the individual, waitresses and the rest of the restaurant starts to stare because you two are twins. "Hi. This may sound weird but what is your name?" After talking for a while you realize you've lived completely different lives with absolutely no idea as to why you look so alike. Both of you have grown up with different parents who-as far as you know-did not adopt you…

What would you do if you were in this situation? Or any situation to where you run into your twin? I've always been told everyone has a twin in the world. I'd really like to meet mine since I'm an only child. I know some of you with siblings are thinking, no you do not want a sibling. Even if you only became friends I believe it would be fun.




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