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So these past two weeks I came down with some type of virus, anyway I was so groggy an miserable I didn’t even feel like looking at my phone or a computer. All I could manage was to watch tv. I started Netflix’s new original series Gypsy. Considering how different it is, I wanted to share with you guys my view on it.

This whole series (through the first season that’s out) centers around therapist Jean Hollaway. Played by Naomi Watts. She’s a wife to a lawyer Michael Hollaway. Played by Billy Crudup. She is also a mother to a little girl named Dolly. Dolly seems to have a story developing herself, but back to Jean. Her job seems to be reeling in her attention more so then her family. Jean has a patient named Sam Duffy. Sam has been going to her to deal with his estranged girlfriend/ex girlfriend Sydney. He’s having a hard time dealing with what relationship they had. Sydney…. well that’s a story that you just need to watch the show to find out about. Jean is very invested in each patients story, even besides Sam. She gets to the point of literally and physically being to invested! What do I mean by that? Just watch. If you liked Fifty Shades Of Grey you will like this show. No it isn’t exactly like it. It’s just as dark though. The whole story is very creepy on a stalker level. It’s the type of show you can’t stop watching no matter how twisted it gets. This link gives a good summary for parents as to what this show contains!

Currently on IMDB the show is rated 7/10.
Here are some critic reviews::

Warning!?! ⚠️ these could contain spoilers!

Critic Review 1
Critic Review 2
Critic Review 3

If your looking for more check out IMDB’s website for more.

My rating 8/10.



  1. Janet

    Great review. I have to agree that no matter how twisted it gets, you can’t stop. I kinda wanted to stop watching actually, but at the same time had to finish it lol. Not sure if inwill watch the second season, but the first was interesting 😉

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