•Stories From The Cinema• PT1

I’ve been working at a local cinema for 5 years now. It’s been my home away from home. I’ve met some great friends and lost a few along the way. Some people say the job must be easy- to an extent it is. But like every other job it has it’s down falls too. I can say, working amongst the public can give you a whole new perspective on people. With this being said I want to start a regular post on Stories From The Cinema. Just a little comedic relief for some of you. Also it’ll give you a idea of what us workers put up with. 

STORY 1- For about a month straight a co-worker and I were being scheduled together every Sunday night. It almost became a curse. Every single Sunday something happened. This one in particular sticks out to me so much.—- A couple came in that we all suspected had been drinking. (There are restaurants with in walking distance mind you.) So this isn’t something we always keep a close eye on. Most of the time the customer is fine with no complaints. This time in particular it wasn’t the case. Someone came out of the auditorium they were in and said there was an older couple loudly whispering to each other inside the movie. We go in to ask them to be quite and they apologize. A bit later, the same complaint comes again. The co-worker I was with is a bigger like guy so he goes in to ask them to leave the auditorium. The woman is obviously wasted. She gets upset saying she’s being discriminated against because she’s deaf and can’t hear to lower her voice. [Luckily at this point we had the whole thing taking place in the hallway away from the movie.] Yet she heard us ask to keep it down the first time. She proceeds to sign to my co-worker to “show” she’s deaf. •Picture a little kid flinging their hand around.• Yes, that’s what it was exactly like!. This goes on about an hour. The woman’s boyfriend/husband finally gets her out and they leave. I know your laughing at this, you have to be!…

Note: I will never disclose names or company names with any story. For obvious reasons, but said coworkers who read these and want to correct my memory recollection-feel free! 

More to come soon! 


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