a love like no other;

 There’s no kind of love like a Grandmothers love. To be given the love is one thing, but to witness it as a bystander is another.– I have a purpose in saying that if you will listen to my story. Today was the burial of my fiancé’s grandfather. Afterwards we went to his Grandparents house where 99% of the family met up. Tons of cousins and then their kids were there. I’m talking 6-7 kids under the age of 5. They were all out back playing when the local ice cream truck came into the neighborhood. For those who don’t have a picture of what I’m talking about, it’s literally a guy who drives around selling ice cream from his truck. I know this sounds crazy but if you’ve heard of a Jolly Wolly man, that’s who I’m talking about. Well, all the kids ran up to the road waiting and yelling at their parents to give them money. None of the parents would. They each beckoned their kids away from the road. My fiancé’s grandma got up out of the rocking chair she was in on the porch an marched up to the road with the kids. She bought all of them an ice cream. Given it was an emotional day in general, it broke my heart. This woman who just lost her husband of over 40 years marches right up to the road to make sure each an every kid was happy. That’s what I mean about a grandmothers love. It’s not something you will find anywhere. It’s the sweetest, most warm-hearted love ever.

I hope this story brings a smile to your face. It sure did mine.
Happy Saturday!

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